Kids Ninja Camps

 Kids Ninja Camps

Winter*Spring*Summer*School Holidays

Chicago Ninja Academy facilitates camps during all major school breaks. Camps are 2 hours in length, and offer a variety of obstacles and skills taught each day. Discounts available for siblings and for multiple day sign ups. Exact schedules can be found on our online store by clicking the registration button.


Flexible Scheduling!

You can sign up for 1 day or multiple, the same week or spread out over multiple weeks!


2018-19 Camps:

Winter Camp: Dec. 27th-28th & Jan. 3rd-4th   



1-Day $40
2-Days $75*
3-Days $100*
4-Days $120*

*Siblings can share (ex. 2 kids for 1-day = $75)


How The Ninja Warrior for Kids Training Camp Works

  • Check in at the front for attendance and waiver completion
  • Coach led rules/safety brief and warmup
  • Split up into age groups, and rotate through several progressively difficult obstacle challenges
  • Shifting focuses: Sometimes we slow down to teach more in depth technical skills, the we shift modes and focus on racing through speed obstacle courses
  • Fun fitness and Ninja related games and challenges (tug of war, handstand contests, relay races, challenge the coaches, etc.)
  • Kids will burn energy, develop fitness and athleticism, learn valuable lessons on perserverance, hard work, and making physical activity a fun part of life.
  • Parents are welcome to stay and observe or drop-off and pick-up


Provided at the bottom of the page is the blue tab for the waiver form.  Please fill out the waiver for each child attending before arriving.  After you fill and submit the waiver, we keep it on file.  If your child returns after his or her first visit, you do not need to submit the waiver again since it has already been complete.

If you have trouble with registration, please email us

You do not have to pay online, you may pay at the door.

Cash, Check & All Major Credit Cards Accepted.


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