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Ninja Warrior For Kids – Authentic Ninja Obstacle Training

Finally, no more swinging off the furniture!   Join us, for a fun-filled hour of jumping, swinging, climbing, hanging, leaping, balancing, rolling; shall I continue?!  We have dozens of obstacles for every age and skill level.  Our ninja warrior for kids classes are designed to accommodate boys and girls, ages 5 to 12 years old.

We believe that the obstacles we overcome in life are no different than the obstacles and challenges we face in the gym. We provide an authentic Ninja Warrior experience,  with classes developed by Coach Nate, a 4-time American Ninja Warrior competitor, and coach of many other notable Ninja competitors.

Our Kids ninja classes aren’t just about jumping, swinging, and climbing. Sure we do plenty of that, but we use those things to build life-long habits for health and fitness. We teach that exercise is fun. That in order to succeed, you must be persistent, consistent, and dedicated.

We provide a positive, yet disciplined environment where kids get to push themselves, build confidence, coordination, and self-esteem!

Lastly, we welcome all ability levels, including kids with special needs.



We have options for all ages and skill levels

Ages 3-5 (Pre-K)

Ninja Exploration Class- This is designed to introduce the basic concepts of obstacles. Fun class structure introduces fundamental movements that are age-appropriate and contribute to long-term physical & athletic development. 45 minutes.

Meets on Saturdays at 9am!




Kids Ages 5-12

Recreational (All-Levels) Classes (Divided into age groups  5-8 & 9-12)

Our Rec classes are our classic Kids class:

–  All of our ninja warrior for kids classes are lead by professionally trained coaches.
–  Kids ninja warrior class begins with introductions, rule setting, and a warm-up.
–  Then is individual obstacle training. Students get to practice and get instruction on 6-10 obstacles with 2-5 tries each.
–  Then, we put together a challenge, course, or physical skill.
–  Finally, 10-15 minutes to play while instructors break down the course.

Recreational Classes are on-going, year round, and offers flexible scheduling/enrollment. You can come at any frequency, and any interval you like. We have kids who are here every week, and some we see in chunks throughout the year. For example in between traditional sports seasons.

Rates (Rec classes & Open Gyms)

1 visit- $20

5 Pack- $85

10 Pack- $135

Monthly memberships:

1X/week- $60/month


Add’l Child- $25/month

(membership includes discounts on add’l visits, services, and apparel)


Open Gym Time

Kids open gyms are a time for our Ninjas to hone their skills and practice their favorite obstacles. Coach supervision and guidance ensures that kids stay safe and train smart. Though not required, it is highly encouraged that you attend at least one Rec/All-levels class (see above) before coming to open gym.


Ninja Competition Prep Classes (Ages 8-13)

Competition Prep classes are for kids who have built a solid foundation in our REC classes and are ready to take it to the next level. COMP classes are more like a traditional sport. Practices are 2X/week and meet at set intervals. The goal is to prepare students for local/regional level Ninja competitions and other kid centered obstacle competitions. As Ninja obstacles as a legitimate sport is still in its infancy, there isn’t a set “season” per se. Therefore, the COMP course will be a monthly program focusing heavily on strength and skill development. We’ll still have lots of fun, but we’ll also dive deep into the necessary skills and techniques needed for the obstacles common in age level ninja competitions.

Competition Prep Rates:



(Includes member discounts + Open gym access)


All Classes are “On-Going”. You may register at any time!





Class passes may be shared with siblings/family, or bring a guest with you. However, we limit the amount of non-family members to no more than 3 per class.

5 & 10-packs expire 6 months from the date of purchase.

*Please check online schedule before attending class, it is HIGHLY encouraged to sign up online for classes and open gyms. Advance payment IS NOT required to sign up.

Waivers are required to be filled out for all participants prior to your arrival.  Provided at the bottom of the page is the blue tab for the waiver form.  Please fill out for each child attending and as soon as possible.  Once a waiver is filled, we keep it on file, so if a child were to return to our facility, you would not need to fill out the waiver again.

You do not have to pay online; payment can be made once you arrive at the gym.

Cash, Check & All Major Credit Cards Accepted.



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