3 Reasons We Fail

I first learned of this concept as a strength athlete, however I believe this is transferable to all aspects of athletics and life in general. Let’s jump right into it, these are the 3 reasons we fail:


There are only 3 reasons we fail and obstacle:


  1. Physical
  2. Technical
  3. Psychological


Let’s start with the easy one: Physical. You simply aren’t strong enough, or can’t jump that far, that high, etc. Or you have a limitation caused by a mobility issue, an injury, anything of that nature. This is simply overcome through consistency and training. Identify the area of weakness, and systematically improve it through progressive training.


Next is technical: you lack the knowledge or skill to perform the task. Don’t know the difference between a kip and a swing? You probably won’t be able to hang, swing, and jump from one bar to another, let alone two independently moving grips. Technique development comes through progressive practice of fundamental skills that are mastered before moving on to more advanced skills. Become a student of movement, and learn to be aware of your body and position at all times.


Finally, psychological failure. If you are truly adequately prepared physically, and contain at least an adequate level of technical knowledge and experience, but mentally poop the bed, how do we address that? Regardless of the story we tell ourselves to make us feel better, it really boils down to 2 things: underarousal or overarousal.


Whoa, I thought this was a family show!


Easy, tiger.


Underarousal simply means for whatever reason, the energy wasn’t there, you weren’t pumped up and ready to go. I know that looks different for everyone. If you are underaroused, you won’t move or think fast enough.


On the flipside though, is overarousal. TOO pumped up. Often characterized by the wide-eyed, wild look of adrenalin. Too much preworkout, getting yourself too worked up.


An athlete should also train the mental strategies of success, visualizing, and finding out how to get yourself into a magical-buzzword like “flow state’’, or simply “GET IN THE ZONE!!!!!”


I’d love to know which of those 3 you might need help with.