Step-By-Step Guide On How To Lache

Hello there my fellow and inspiring-to-be ninja warriors!  Ninja warrior is a growing sport, constantly evolving with new obstacle additions and course set-ups.  As new obstacles get created, one skill that is becoming crucial more than ever is the almighty lache!  To master any ninja warrior course, you must know how to lache.

What Is A Lache

For those of you who are new to ninja warrior, this may be your first time hearing the word lache.  The term does sound a little fancy but it is actually a pretty simple concept.  A lache is when you use your body as momentum to swing and release off of an object.  In ninja warrior, the object can be a bar, grip, net, ect.  When laching, you grab onto the object with your hands, kick your legs out, swing your body and release.

How To Lache The Right Way

While laching may not sound or seem that challenging, there are some elements to the movement that makes it a technical move.  In fact, you will see many failed obstacle challenges on NBC’s American Ninja Warrior from an improper lache.  If you are well trained and skilled with the lache, it can benefit your run and put an edge over your competitors.  In this tutorial, we will explain step-by-step on how to lache.  Soon enough, your transitions on the course will be easier, smoother and faster than ever!  PLEASE NOTE: For safety, we recommend to begin practicing the lache on a simple object, such as a straight bar.

Creating The Swing

In ninja warrior, there is always going to be some sort of challenge with distance.  To be able to transition our bodies ten or more feet from one object to another a swing is essential.  The two biggest mistakes people make in the swing portion of the lache is bending the arms and  having the legs apart.  Doing either one of these mistakes will hinder the momentum you need to properly get to point b.

Keeping The Arms Straight

Having your arms bent and point out will prevent you from getting any rhythm in the swing.  For your body to get a good swing, it needs to be relaxed.  When you bend your arms, the body and muscles will tense up.  When learning how to lache and get the swing going, treat your body as a pendulum.  As we explain further along this process, you will see the ultimate goal is to keep the body as straight as possible.  You can bend your arms ever so slightly, but that is it!



Keeping The Legs Straight

Once you grab onto the object you are going to lache off of and hanging (with your arms straight), you will now focus on building the momentum for the swing.  To create the momentum of the swing, bring your knees and toes as high as the object you are holding.  Next, kick out your legs as far as possible while keeping your body straight.  If you bend any part of your body during the forward motion, you are going to break that straight line along with the momentum which will stop the swing.  Keep your legs and body as straight as possible.



The Swing Back

After you have the momentum and your body swings forward, it is naturally going to swing back (just like a pendulum).  Picture kicking through on a swing set.  When your body swings back, you are going to need to pull your hips up and push them through the center.





The Release

The release is probably the most tricky part of the lache.  For the proper release, you will need to push with the hips and pull with the bar.  The straighter the swing and the harder the pull, the further the distance you will be able to get on your lache.   It is also good practice to overestimate how far you need to lache.  So if the transition is ten feet away, picture twelve feet instead.  This is to prevent you from coming short.  If you come short of your release, it can cause your arms to hyperextend and pull out of their sockets.  If your lache transition is to another object, you want to make sure you can grab with your arms bent.  Having the arms bent will allow the upper body muscle to handle the impact.


Lache To Dismount

Landing from a lache can be a challenge itself.  When flying through the air and expecting to land safely back onto your feet, focus and patience are key.   A good trick to ensure a safe landing is to open your hips during the transition of the dismount.  As you release from the object, turn your hips slightly to the right or left (whichever you are more confirmable with).  As you turn your hips, look down and spot your landing.  Once you have spotted your landing, twist your hips back so they are straight and you will then land on your feet.

Learn More

If you are new to laching and would like to familiarize more with it, come and check out our facility.  We have group classes on Thursdays and Saturdays where you can train with other ninja warriors to improve your knowledge and skill set.  We also offer more personalized training, one-on-one and in groups!