Kansas City Qualifiers

Congratulations to the athletes who competed in the Kansas City Qualifiers of American Ninja Warrior. Chicago Ninja Academy would like to congratulate these athletes. The following competitors train with us regularly, visit for prep work, or are close friends of the gym who make surprise training appearances.

Brandon Mears


This is Brandon’s 3rd consecutive appearance on American Ninja Warrior. He is an full-time¬†firefighter and paramedic, and is now known as one of the epic “Towers of Power”. Brandon is one of our hungriest competitors, as evidenced by his incredible leanness…and after an incredible upset from last year’s Rolling Log, he came back with a phenomenal run.

Brandon Mears


Dan Polizzi


Dan Polizzi, the other “Tower of Power” , a full time firefighter and paramedic is ALSO back for his 3rd consecutive appearance. After making it to the Vegas finals last year via St. Louis Qualifiers, Dan is looking to make his mark once again. Nice job!

Dan Polizzi

Ethan Swanson


Chicago’s resident youtube sensation, if you haven’t seen the “Epic Roof Jump”, go watch it. Now. Ethan came back after a heartbreaking disqualification last year in St. Louis. Way to come back. Ethan is also one of the founders of Tandem Race, a unique new OCR.

We were April Foolin’ around the obstacles this weekend, getting ready for Tandem Race! We would like to give a HUGE… Posted by Tandem Race on Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Spenser Mestel


Spencer is a rookie on the Ninja scene, however that didn’t stop him from putting on a show. I wish they showed his run, because it was very unorthodox, but it worked for him. He is also responsible for nearly overloading our website with traffic with his recent article about his Ninja experience in Rolling Stone.

spenser ninja

Mike Silenzi


One of the coolest cats I know. We just wished he lived closer! A 4-time veteran of the show and 3-time veteran of Mt. Midoriyama, the Stallion puts on a clinic every time he steps up to the course. Nice work.

Chris Lange

Christopher Lange

Another rookie, he put on a fantastic run. This guy is what ninja is all about. As a high school teacher, he is setting an amazing example and affecting the lives of the next generation of ninjas.


Tavares Chambliss


AKA the Neon Ninja. This was also Tavares’ rookie season, and he did not disappoint! With an expert run in qualifiers, and having that bright personality that producers look for, it was no surprise to the Neon Ninja on our screens. Way to go!

neon ninja

Jessie Adams

Jessie got the call last minute to appear in Kansas City. She made the trip all the way from Davenport, IA to get some instruction on the obstacles. She had a tough go, and ultimately succumbed to the “Big Dipper” in qualifiers, we’re hoping she makes another shot at it. Either way, she got some sweet publicity!

Morgan Sahagian

Don’t underestimate Morgatron. Despite her misstep on the floating tiles, Morgan has the potential to hang with the best female ninjas out there. The buzzer is within her reach. At least you didn’t get wet!