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This is Coach Nate, and today, I’m here to tell you about our new Kids Ninja Team. Competition is a huge part of the development of the athlete and is a great way to learn about setting goals and the work ethic it takes to achieve them. With the sport of Ninja obstacles growing at a rapid pace with competitive options available for nearly all ages, we aim to be at the forefront of this growth.

There are a growing number of leagues offering Ninja competitions at gyms all over the country, and many of them attract the top ninjas in the game right now. We have chosen to join the “Athlete Warrior Games” in their inaugural season which is underway as we speak.

What is a Ninja Competition

To put it simply, at the gym-level, Ninja competitions are hosted in gyms just like Chicago Ninja Academy. A course is designed, competitors register, and you take a shot at the course(s). There is a scoring system based on points and time to completion, and those scores are aggregated to determine the winners. A typical ninja competition lasts a couple of hours per group, and registration fees are usually in the $30-$50 range +/-.

Who are these for?

Anyone without any severe physical limitations and a basic understanding of obstacles and technique can participate, though I would not recommend competitions without some foundational training. Most competitions are divided into age groups, usually kids ages 6-13/14 compete on the kids version of the course, and everyone does the adult version of the course. Kids are divided into sub groups, so that a 1st grader is not getting scored against an 8th grader, or an 8th grader is not getting scored against a 2-time Vegas finalist. If you or child love obstacles, have a competitive streak, and are constantly testing and pushing yourself to get better and do harder challenges, this may be the sport for you.

What is the commitment?

This being the first time ever we are doing this, we are still learning. I also am a parent, and I have some qualms with getting super serious about sports for elementary school aged kids. With that being said, we will have practices 2X/week, and competitive opportunities are plentiful, but not required. I would recommend trying 2-3 competitions over the course of the season which began in August and wraps up at the end of January. You don’t have to do any competitions if you don’t want to. If you just come to practice, your skills will improves, and when you’re ready, you’re ready.

Here is the schedule of available competitions:


The season is already underway, let’s get our team and show the world why CNA is the best place to train, and the best team to be a part of! Sign up today!


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